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SSIS-687 An Unfortunate Stepplay Who Was Thrown Into The Top And Bottom Holes Of Her Father-In-Law Who Hates Her - Perfume Jun. Jun is a beautiful girl, this summer she returned to visit her mother to find out that her mother had remarried to a man named Tony. Actually Jun has no sympathy for him, a guy who looks extremely fluffy and doesn't stand emoticons. She could not understand how her mother could live with him, not only that, but Tony also often asked her mother for money to go out and play with emoticons. However, the story does not stop there, since Jun's return, she has become Tony's target, he is really ecstatic with the young beauty and attractive body of Jun emoticons. And then whatever happens, after taking off Jun's clothes, the old man was extremely satisfied with Jun's lovely breasts and raised pink pubic lips. He knew that this was definitely a real prostitute behind the innocent face painting... emoticons. After a month at home, Jun also knows why her mother is so in love with Mr. Tony... emoticons