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I'm nervous when I talk to a woman ... I don't understand romance ... But I want to change myself ... 33 years of virgin history with worries Akira-kun (pseudonym) and No. 1 AV actress Yua Mikami sprinkle firmly for a month The best virgin loss of my life SEX upbringing road movie! Do you see Yua Mikami and Shite for the first time SEX? Full of amazing erotic tech! God-friendly brush-grated SEX! I want to make virgin graduation the best memory I will never forget! But ... a big mistake! Can you really graduate from virginity? !! -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------- Entry & entry between May 27, 2022 (Friday) 10:00 and July 1, 2022 (Friday) 10:00 A special limited video will be presented to customers who purchase the target work! [About bonus video gifts] (1) If you purchase S1 No. 1 style works during the period, you will receive bonus video A. (2) If you purchase two or more works for sale during the period, bonus video B will be given according to the number of purchases. All 28 types will be presented. Entry is required to receive the bonus footage. Please check the special page for details on eligible products, bonus videos, entry registration, etc. Bonus footage will be automatically added to your purchased products (videos) around July 29th (Friday). The date and time of addition may change, and we will not contact you individually when adding. [Caution] ・ This campaign is limited to customers who have registered for entry between 10:00 on May 27, 2022 (Friday) and 10:00 on July 1, 2022 (Friday), and purchased the target product. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --------------------