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The star of this work is Tojo Natsu-chan! ! She is a beautiful girl who is loved by everyone with her fresh and refreshing smile! ! Nacchan, who has become a bit of an older sister, has become more sexy and returned to REbecca for the first time in about three and a half years. The concept of this work is that cute Nacchan is your girlfriend, and it's your day off, but unfortunately it's raining outside, so let's relax at home... The lovers live a heartwarming and carefree indoor life, exercising, relaxing on the bed or sofa, being played with, and having their bathrooms peeked at. I received a comment saying, ``In the previous work, the hair was a little long, so please compare those aspects as well and let me know which one you like better!!'' Enjoy your dream flirty life by monopolizing the revolutionary cuteness of Nacchan's smile! ! [*This work is an image video]