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≪Dengeki exclusive decision! »Extremely Large Transfer x Abstinence 4 Production Special! MOODYZ is also serious about abstinence! A video report is sent from Arina's home, and it is thoroughly managed (a cute cat also appears). A slender beauty BODY that swells with pleasure, an ecstatically distorted expression, and a runaway and awakening that is covered with erotic juice! MOODYZ does not end there. And impose an abstinence order for another month...! ? Everything is overwhelming, but the first exclusive to drown in pleasure! -------------------------------------------------- -------------------- [Purchase the target work & post a review to get benefits! ] Buy & post a review of "SUPER STAR welcome back!! Large-scale transfer New Arina two-month close contact Great abstinence / awakening 4 production special!!" The bonus video will be automatically added to the customer's purchased product (video) around November 18 (Friday). The date and time of addition may change, and individual contact will not be made at the time of addition. [Notes] ・ During the period from 10:00 on Tuesday, August 16, 2022 to 10:00 on Tuesday, October 18, 2022, “SUPER STAR welcome back !! Abstinence / Awakening 4 Production Special !!” is eligible for those who have purchased the video and posted and posted a review on the video service.・ Purchases and reviews posted outside the period are not eligible.・There is a time lag of up to 10 days from review submission to publication, and if the content violates the rules, it will not be published. Please check here for details.・If you don't need the bonus video that was given as a gift, please set it to "hide". -------------------------------------------------- -------------------- Free points for the first 1,000 yen!