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A dignified wife who usually wears a crisp suit gets drunk and becomes a guard! The plump thighs peeking out from the slowly rising tight skirt, and the bulging blouse overflowing from the open jacket! The men who couldn't stand the mellow scent of the smelling woman slipped their hands into the blouse of their wives who were flushed with suits and finally made them go deeper and deeper into the skirt. [Big-breasted wife who was ejaculated by all male employees at the launch] Waka-san, 24 years old [Pants-suit wife who will be taken care of by her boss and pulled out with glue] Kokono-san, 23 years old [Beautiful wife who is ejaculated by her neighbor while returning home ] Yuuha-san, 26 years old [Wife who was supposed to be sent, but was betrayed by her boss and was betrayed by her suit and body] Mizuki-san, 25 years old, recorded the silliness of four drunken wives.