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[The definitive edition of how-to AV that you can learn ~Final Chapter~] If you watch it [absolutely] SEX will become a textbook AV master from today! ! SEX Courses Explained by Professionals - Advanced Edition - How-to Courses to Make You Cry The final chapter is... (1) I'm embarrassed, but I get excited! Shame Play (2) Catharsis of Tension and Relaxation! Endurance Play (3) Humiliation and Pleasure as a Guy...! Slavery play (4) *Practice caution! Dependent SEX (5) Ultimate Pleasure! Portio SEX (6) Squid with words! Word blame [Lecturer Introduction] Mr. Genjin Moribayashi Real deviation value 78! 10,000 experienced people threat! A SEX master who knows how to make a woman squid! "I will teach you the strongest SEX method" - Mr. Hibiki Otsuki, a world-famous AV actress! If Mr. Moribayashi is a “professional who can make you squid”, Mr. Otsuki is a “professional”! ! ! Opinions from a feminine point of view, to a more reliable technique! [Student Introduction] Mao Hamasaki (28) 85 (F) - 59 - 84 cm Libido ∞ Infinite! Bottomless lewd squirting queen! Asuka Momose (22) 83 (C) - 59 - 84 cm fair hair slender! H-loving beautiful girl who applied for AV by herself! Waka Misono (23) 100 (H) - 60 - 91 cm Huge breasts H milk that continues to grow! Sensitive shaved perverted beauty! [Lecture] [1st hour] I'm embarrassed, but I get excited! Shameful play → Fuel M's lust to the highest! Basic and ultimate play! [Second hour] Catharsis of tension and relaxation! Patience play → The pleasure when the nerves tense to the limit are released is a habit! [3rd hour] Humiliation and pleasure to become a guy! Slavery play → A sense of accomplishment and humiliation in response to orders evokes M's excitement! [4th hour] *Practice caution! Dependent SEX → Devil's technique that makes a woman dependent! [5th hour] Let's make it squid with words! Word blame Waka Misono practices! Teacher Hibiki Otsuki also participates! → Practical commentary on effective wording and caressing! [6th hour] Ultimate pleasure! Portio SEX Asuka Momose practices! → Practical commentary on hand man and insertion method, how to blame Portio! [Personal guidance] Mao Hamasaki practices the ultimate SEX that melts your brain! Let's make full use of what we learned in this class and have a practical class! ! !