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SAME-044 Poked like a bitch in front of her daughter Kana Misaki Azusa Azumo. Misaki Kanna and her daughter returned to their hometown to live after work on the city's unfavorable emoticons. She and her daughter live in the house left by her father, and fortunately her cousin Takasho often takes care of and cleans the house so it is very clean emoticons. Although Misaki is very grateful to her monkey-faced cousin Takasho, her daughter does not like him, not only that, but she also despises Takasho because he is unemployed emoticons. Of course, an experienced person like Takasho easily knew what the other niece's gaze was. After that meeting, Takasho was so bitter about his niece's attitude that he decided to teach her an emoticons lesson. Whether Misaki can stop his cousin Takasho's purpose to protect his daughter emoticons, let's see.