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jav hd Prestige exclusive actress "Yakake Umi" is trained in obscene breeding and trained to be an obedient pet. Attach a collar connected with a chain, kneel on all fours and start training. Pets who don't listen to their master are punished with spanking. If you forcibly push the erected meat stick into the back of your throat, you will drool while drooling with teary eyes. If you grab the beautiful black hair and insert it from behind, you can move your hips and climax. Every time the piston is violent, the sound of inorganic chains and the obscene voice of a beautiful girl echo. Continue to shake your hips regardless of whether you are or not, and engrave the pleasure without escape into your body. Restraint, foot licking, deep throat... etc. A secret training record that guides pet candidate "Yakake Umi" who accepts all wishes to further M state.