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Maki (pseudonym / 29 years old) who came to the store this time was looking at the homepage saying "I'm interested in oil massage ...". - She is a neat married woman who is a full-time housewife. - Even though she is a full-time housewife, she is not an aunt who spends her time at home, but she wants to be beautiful as a woman while doing cleaning and laundry housework and listening to her husband's mood. - understand. - After a polite explanation by the female staff, she finished her toilet, changed into a treatment dress and waited ... There was a male practitioner! - Maki was surprised and said, "Is it the man who performs the treatment? I wonder if the woman will do it ...". - The practitioner reluctantly acknowledged that he wouldn't eat anything and said, "Oh ... that would be the case if there was no appointment ...". - Although he was shyly pointed out that the treatment clothes had a small cloth area, he said, "This is done to spread the oil evenly throughout the body. Is this treatment clothes the newest in this industry?" I reluctantly acknowledged this and the treatment started. - When a special oil is applied to the body, the treatment clothes made of a thin material will become invigorating, and the erection nipples that can be seen through the cloth will be exposed. - Do you feel your wife? - The metamorphosis erotic practitioner who does not miss the sign accelerates the attacking hand and says that there is nothing Maki who is worried, "Is it touching so much? Isn't it a bit too racy?" - At the time when Maki's eyes came as Tron, the practitioner's erection Chi ● Po (commonly known as a treatment stick) that was not enough with his hands appeared! - Maki is surprised for a moment, but the sensitivity is rising rapidly, so she is ready to accept! - Ascension pleasure detox while being tampered with the bottle nipple and bikunbikun cum & Zuppolihame with an expression of agony! - !!